Vaccine Policy Statement

Our Commitment

Full Circle Health is dedicated to providing compassionate, family-centered, and high-quality healthcare to our patients of all ages. One of the most important services that we can offer to families who entrust their children’s care to us is routine vaccination, to protect against life-threatening, communicable diseases.

Our Vaccination policy is aligned with expert, well-researched medical guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which maintain that childhood vaccinations are essential to protecting child health and maintaining healthy communities. As medical professionals, we believe that pediatric vaccination, in accordance with immunization schedules established by leading health experts, is the right thing to do for our youngest patients. We recognize that parents face complex choices in ensuring their children’s well-being.

We have assembled the following guidance to support parents as they navigate important decisions surrounding childhood immunization.

Our Policy

Vaccine Guidelines: Full Circle Health adheres to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) guidelines for childhood immunizations, which outline recommended vaccine types, sequencing, timing, and frequency.

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Safe, No-Cost Protection: Full Circle Health obtains its pediatric vaccine products from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare and stores them in strict accordance with state safety protocols. These vaccines are available at no cost through the state of Idaho for minors from birth through age 18.

Availability: Full Circle Health will make every effort to advise families of any immunizations due, in accordance with AAP guidance, during pediatric visits. However, parents are ultimately responsible to ask about vaccine schedules and request current and timely immunizations on behalf of their children. Routine vaccinations are available upon request during wellness exams, as well as non-sick child visits (i.e., schedule for reasons other than acute illness). Vaccinations may also be scheduled as separate, nurse-only visits.

Parent Choice: Full Circle Health will respect parents’ choice to decline any immunization recommended for their child. However, we strongly advise making decisions surrounding childhood vaccination only after discussing any concerns with a Full Circle Health physician or nurse practitioner. Our medical providers welcome your questions regarding vaccine recommendations and safety.

Modified Scheduling: Full Circle Health may honor parent requests to offer immunizations on a non-standard schedule (i.e., fewer immunizations at one time), following discussion with a medical provider. However, parents will be asked to (i) acknowledge that this altered schedule is counter to expert guidance and may place their child at risk for serious illness or event death, and (ii) release Full Circle Health from all associated liability.

To Obtain Your Child’s Records for Immunizations Completed in Idaho:

  1. Use the Docket mobile app through the Idaho Department of Health & Welfare (DHW). Be sure to register at least 5 business days in advance of when you will need these records, to troubleshoot any access issues. Or file a records request with DHW.
  2. If you are unable to obtain your child’s records through Docket, contact Full Circle Health’s medical receptionists at (208) 514-2500 to request a copy.