Tyler Shelby, MD, DrPH

Boise Program
Class of 2026

Hey folks! My name’s Tyler and I was born and raised in Kansas (plus a few childhood years in Colorado). I went to undergrad at Pittsburg State University where I met my wife Sasha and later moved to New England for medical school. Along the way I became very interested in global health, and spent time working and volunteering in Belize, Paraguay, Kenya, the Dominican Republic and Uganda. I also obtained a PhD in public health during my time in New Haven which got me involved in both international and local work, most of which was centered on contact tracing.

Fun photo of Tyler Shelby

Towards the end of medical school, a few rotations in Kansas and Wyoming convinced me that full-spectrum family medicine was the right direction for me. I’m super excited to train in Boise where I know I’ll be surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and wonderful people and will have plenty of opportunities to pursue my interests in rural and global health.

Outside of medicine, I write/play music (drums, guitar, midi) and dabble a bit in sourdough baking (but frequently forget to feed my starter). I also love to enjoy nature by hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting, gardening, and sometimes just sitting on the roof! All that said, I’m also half couch-potato and get a kick out of video games, knitting, writing/reading and making renaissance faire costumes.