Tracy Adams, DO

Class of 2023-2024

Dr. Tracy Adams was born in California and raised in Boston, MA, and after a few detours through other parts of the country, including Georgia and Pennsylvania for his undergraduate, grad school, and medical school, he ended up in Idaho. Over the course of his medical education and training, he grew to love full spectrum Family Medicine and rural health, and he completed his Family Medicine residency at Full Circle Health: Caldwell Rural Training Track in Caldwell, Idaho. Though he loves treating patients of all ages, he wanted to deepen his understanding and treatment of the rapidly aging population and decided to pursue a Geriatrics Fellowship to augment his skillset. He is excited for the year ahead and looking forward to continuing to learn new things as a physician every day.

In his spare time when he’s not busy with patients, Dr. Adams enjoys reading novels and comic books alike, catching up on his favorite anime, staying active in the gym or on his bike or in the yoga studio, attending comic conventions, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and getting a good videogame session in. He has a long list of travel destinations in Idaho that he still would like to visit and plans to cross each place off the list over the next year.