Scott Hippe, MD

Class of 2019-2020

Hello, my name is Scott and I’m doing an OB fellowship at Full Circle Health for the 2019-2020 year. I joined the Full Circle Health as an incoming resident in 2016 and am very excited to continue my training here in Boise for a “victory lap” year. By victory lap, I mean another year of low pay and hard work. I’ve had to convince people I’m doing this voluntarily—some friends and family members jokingly assume it’s all a guise to cover up the fact that bad grades are finally catching up to me. But seriously, I am fired up about the practice of broad scope family medicine. I’ve been planning to practice rurally in the northwest for a long time now, and it is eerie to be nearing the end of training. Have I found a job yet? No way, that would be far too responsible.

My wife and I have had a wonderful time calling Boise home. We are regularly out on the foothill trails that start a few blocks from our house running, biking, and otherwise placating our indefatigable dog, Chicha. Have you ever read “indefatigable” in a resident bio? Note it doesn’t refer to myself, rather to my dog. When not working or spending time in the outdoors I entertain (very) amateur ambitions with writing and also playing bass guitar in the residency band “Todd Palmer and the Post-void Residuals.” I grew up in western Washington state in a town called Snohomish. A big chapter of life took place in Spokane, WA for undergrad and the first few years of medical school through the WWAMI program at the University of Washington. And after four years, another part of my soul has found itself here in Idaho. We’ll see who I can convince to give me a job after fellowship…