Maria Carbonell, MD

Boise Program
Class of 2025

National University of Cordoba (Argentina)

Maria was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. There, she began her love of mate, alfajores, and authentic Italian pasta her mom taught her to cook; which she is eager to share with those interested in trying.  Maria loves to swim, ride her bike, go snowshoeing, cook, and spend time with her family. Growing up in a doctor’s home, she fell in love with knowledge and science which provided her inspiration to serve people with it. 

A photograph of Maria Carbonell and her family standing in front of a snowy mountain on a sunny day

Maria studied at the University of Cordoba, the 2nd oldest university in South America. Throughout her studies, she took special interest in the underserved areas of Argentina. She traveled with a team providing medical care and community education to some of the poorest regions of Argentina. All of these efforts happened while she worked in public hospitals where she had the opportunity to practice a wide range of medical care. She also specialized in a subspecialty of surgery called phlebology, worked in emergency medicine, and within primary care as well. 

Maria moved to Boise in 2018 with her husband and two daughters and started preparing to get licensed in the United States; a process which formed the bond in matching at the FMRI-Boise program.  She is excited about training in the Boise program, it seems to be a great community to grow and learn.