Jeffrey Cardon, MD

Caldwell Program
Class of 2026

University of Utah School of Medicine

Dr. Jeff Cardon was born of godly parents in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He completed his undergraduate degree and medical school at the University of Utah. 

Fun photo of Jeff Cardon

The broad experiences which drew Dr. Cardon to medicine in the first place revolved around being able to resolve a medical problem.  This led him to a career in Family Medicine, matching into the Caldwell Family Medicine Program.  His future career goals include broad-spectrum family medicine focusing on ICU, ER, endoscopy, LARCs, and every other procedure that a Family Medicine physician could be credentialed to perform.  He plans to have his own practice and is interested in Direct Primary Care.  Dr. Cardon has created comprehensive pre-operative spine surgery education videos and will continue using his cinematography skills to educate patients throughout his career.

His first and subsequent loves are his wife Krystal, then his three girls, then cooking, then cinematography, then his wife, then being outside, then being in the mountains, then his wife, then barbecuing, then taking his kids on bike rides, then swimming. In that order.  He has a few others, but they are outside the scope of this article.