Alma Iyon-Soud, MD

Class of Magic Valley Program 2025

Alma recently moved to Twin Falls to join her husband who’s also a physician in the Magic Valley. Before she married, she grew up in Dubai and graduated from Dubai Medical College.  Alma then completed one year of internship in Dubai. She learned to provide health care for people from different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures there.

Alma enjoys providing healthcare for different age groups and believes that family medicine will give her the opportunity to practice what she loves and build long lasting relationships with her patients. After residency, she wishes to complete one year of Surgical Obstetrics fellowship and to pursue her passion for teaching while she continues to serve the community in the Magic Valley.

In her spare time when she isn’t taking care of patients, or her baby boy, Alma enjoys baking desserts. She also loves to grow different flowers such as orchids, and dreams of building her greenhouse together with her husband.