Black Lives Matter

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We have all witnessed and become aware of the violence and injustice that have recently emerged on the streets of many of our cities.

Full Circle Healths throughout the Treasure Valley are safe spaces; we accept all members of the community of all diversities and welcome everyone with compassion for any needs they may have. We lead our organization with compassion and respect demonstrated through our actions of inclusion, caring, tolerance and understanding.

Our organization is taking the necessary steps to implement to address the need to internalize the concepts of diversity and inclusion into the policies, programs, and strategies:

  • To reduce biases and increase inclusivity through education and facilitated discussion with Full Circle Health residents, faculty, and staff,
  • To increase diversity and inclusion awareness in residency recruitment and provide relevant feedback to Full Circle Health leadership, and; 
  • To facilitate a reporting process and mechanism to address incidents related to bias, injustice, or discrimination that occur within residency training and daily clinical experiences.

Please reach deep within yourself at this time to show the extra kindness, compassion and concern for each other and for our community as we do our part in trying to right these institutionalized wrongs. Let us all strive to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

If you would like to learn more about what our Boise Residency Program is doing, you can view their JEDI Taskforce program by visiting HERE.