Heather Moon, LCSW

Heather Moon was born and raised in Idaho. She obtained her bachelors and masters degree in social work at Boise State University. Her hobbies include; working out, running, weight lifting, trekking trails, mountain biking, traveling, singing and attending concerts. Heather also has a passion for continued education, nature, dream analysis, forklift driving, music, finding and creating meaning in life and spending time with friends and family. Heather has been providing mental health support to clients since 2007 and received her clinical endorsement in 2011. Heather enjoys working with clients with a wide variety of mental health needs and focuses the therapy based upon the individual need of the client and with emphasis on the importance of the therapeutic relationship. Techniques used vary from: solution focused therapies, to cognitive behavioral therapy, to Jungian inspired approaches. Heather’s passion is helping people find ways that work for them to enhance their quality of life.