Benjamin Showalter, MD

University of Washington School of Medicine

Hi all! My name is Ben Showalter and I was raised here in Boise, Idaho. I grew up as the oldest of four brothers, one of which being my twin brother. Our household always seemed to be on the move. Whether that meant going to school, playing sports, or just enjoying the great outdoors. Although my parents were physicians, I did not know right away that I wanted to go into medicine. It was during my junior year in high school when I decided that I wanted a career which satisfied my curiosity for science while also helping other people live their best lives.

My path then led me to Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas. During undergrad, I completed the pre-health track and received a degree in Biology and grew even more curious about biology and its role in human health; as a result, I applied to medical school. As an added bonus during my time at TCU, I met my better half Mallory who I have been with since November of 2016.

A photograph of Benjamin Showalter and his significant other Mallory standing in front of a mountainous landscape.

I was overjoyed to find out that I was accepted to the University of Washington School of Medicine. The science that I learned and the patients that I cared for on rotations reaffirmed my passion for primary care. Finding out that I would have the opportunity to go through my family medicine training in my hometown of Boise was incredible news. The holistic training that family residents receive and their ability to care for any and all patients is inspiring. My clinical interests include care for underserved populations, preventative care, and global health. 

Outside of medicine, I enjoy trying not to hurt myself skiing and biking, attempting to catch fish in rivers but usually just standing in the water for a couple hours, and sleeping uncomfortably in a tent in the wilderness because houses are overrated.