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Meridian Schools Clinic

The Meridian Schools Clinic is a collaborative venture between the Full Circle Health and the West Ada School District.  The District is the host site of the clinic and Full Circle Health is the medical sponsor. The clinic delivers high quality health care to children and adolescents.  Our shared goal is to help children succeed in school and in life by keeping them healthy, in school, and ready to learn.

With a focus on promoting healthy lifestyles and identifying illness early, we help prevent more serious illness later on.  The clinic is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC).  We are able to provide affordable care for children who might not otherwise be able to access care.

We also focus on helping students who may come from low-income families living in the immediate vicinity of Meridian Elementary without access to regular medical care. All students are welcome however!

We will serve and transport any child attending the schools listed below with a parent consent form on file. These forms must be signed and sent to the school nurse, or sent via U.S. mail to MSC.

If a child is seen at the clinic and already has a medical home, we will refer the child back to their medical home after the visit.

  • Barbara Morgan Elementary
  • Chaparral Elementary
  • Chief Joseph Elementary School
  • Crossroads Middle School
  • Frontier Elementary
  • Lewis and Clark Middle School
  • Lowell Scott Middle School
  • Meridian Academy
  • Meridian Elementary
  • Meridian High School
  • Meridian Middle School
  • Pathways Middle School
  • Peregrine Elementary School
  • Ustick Elementary School
  • Victory Middle School
  • West Ada students when referred by their school nurse or counselor
  • Boys and Girls Club members at the Meridian facility who do not have access to medical care

New Patient Registration Packet

If you wish to establish care with our clinic as your child’s pediatric medical home, please fill out the New Patient Registration Forms. The registration packet includes parental consent forms, release of health information between your child’s school and our clinic, and transportation consent (if applicable).

Parental Consent Forms must be signed by the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to receive care at Meridian Schools Clinic. These can be given to your child’s school nurse, or sent directly to MSC by registering securely online or mailing/delivering your registration packet.

Submit registration forms securely online:

Print at Home options:

Sliding Fee Application

We are so happy to offer a sliding fee discount program to eligible individuals based on the patient’s ability to pay.  Ability to pay is determined by the household size and annual income relative to a discount schedule based on federal poverty income guidelines.

Because we provide family health care, we will also see siblings of the children seen at our clinic if the parent makes the appointment and accompanies the child to their appointment.  These children must between the ages of 0 and 18. This clinic does not serve adults.

Family members who need health care services are encouraged to make an appointment at one of our other nearby Full Circle Health Clinics.

Our clinic is staffed by a nurse practitioner, registered nurse and registrar/eligibility assistant. Mental health and dietitian services are available by appointment. For more information on school based health centers, go to the School Based Health Alliance.


Children who have a parental consent form on file may be seen at the clinic without the parent being present. If we see your child without you being present, you will be notified by phone or email depending on your preference.  No paperwork will be sent home with the child.  You will be provided with a complete summary of the visit by phone or email. Any prescriptions will be sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

In addition, because we receive federal funds to operate the clinic we are able to offer a sliding fee scale for children who do not have insurance or the ability to pay. No child will be turned away because of an inability to pay. 

If you make an appointment for your child to be seen at the clinic without you being present, clinic staff will notify your child’s school in advance of the appointment.  You will not need to contact the school to notify the school that your child is leaving school for an appointment at the clinic.

  • Attends to unmet health care needs by placing health care where the kids are and when they need it.
  • Supports students by providing a safe place to talk about sensitive issues such as depression, family problems, relationships, and substance abuse
  • Supports the school environment by helping children stay in school and by identifying and addressing health problems that may intervene in the learning process
  • Supports families by allowing parents to stay at work while attending to their child’s routine health care needs
  • Saves money by keeping children out of hospitals and emergency rooms
  • Teaches students to be better health care consumers
  • Strengthens the connection between the community and the school.

The clinic is designed to serve school children in the Meridian area and the Boys and Girls Club members at the Meridian facility who do not have access to medical care.  We will serve any child attending these schools with a parent consent form on file.  However, if a child is seen at the clinic and already has a medical home, we will refer the child back to their medical home after the visit.

We also see children identified as homeless by the district. Children from these two groups with parental consent on file at the clinic may be seen without their parent.

Because we provide family health care, we will also see siblings of the children identified above, if the parent makes the appointment and accompanies the child to their appointment.  These children must be between the ages of 0 and 18.

We will also serve any child or adolescent attending a school in the West Ada School District who is referred by the school nurse for primary care or mental health services because they do not have a usual source of care. It will be necessary for the parent/guardian to accompany the child or adolescent to the appointment once the nurse makes the referral. The clinic does not serve adults.

Once the child’s parental consent forms are received by the school nurse, or delivered to MSC, your child will have access to all services provided by the nurse practitioner, licensed social workers, dental hygienist and the dietitian.

Yes, your child can still enroll at MSC. We are in close contact with your child’s PCP to provide continuity of care.

If you wish to use the Meridian Schools Clinic (MSC), please contact Meridian Schools Clinic at (208) 514-2527 from 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.  For your child(ren)’s first visit, you will be asked to provide:

  • Health history
  • Immunization Records
  • MSC patient registration forms, if not already on file
  • Insurance / Medicaid card if eligible 

Should your child get ill during the school day, your school nurse or one of the MSC staff will attempt to contact you to coordinate care.

Yes! Your child can be seen virtually by our medical providers through a school provided laptop/computer. This option also gives parents an opportunity to “attend” the appointment virtually with their child if they’re not able to leave work or have other obligations.

Please ask your school nurse about this convenient option.

Yes. All children enrolled at MSC will still have access to services provided by the school nurse regardless of their status with MSC. In fact for children without an appointment for routine primary care who become sick or injured at school, the school nurse is the first step in coming to the clinic.

If you have a signed parental consent form on file and your child goes to the school nurse because they feel sick or are injured at school, the school nurse will review the concern and make a decision if the child would benefit from referral to the MSC. If the nurse thinks your child would benefit from being sent over to the clinic, the nurse will contact the clinic and we will contact you to let you know that your child has been referred to the clinic. 

Assuming you agree, we will then make arrangements to have the child seen that day at our clinic.  We will then notify you of our findings.  If the child is able to return to school, he or she will be sent back to the classroom after going to the clinic.  If the child needs to go home, we will let you know that and you can pick your child up at the school nurses office.

If your child attends Meridian Elementary School an aide working at the school will walk with your child to the clinic and back.

If your child attends one of the schools listed above, the MSC has contracted with the Meridian Boys and Girls Club to provide transportation from the school to the clinic and back.

The Club has trained drivers and extensive experience transporting school aged children.  In addition, the MSC has contracted with the West Ada School District to have a bus monitor on the Boys and Girls van.  This will insure that two adults are in the van at all times and one is available to walk in and out of your child’s school with your child while the other stays with children who may already be on the bus.

At no time will your child be left alone when they are traveling to and from the clinic or when they are at the clinic.