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Medication Refills

Please speak with your provider at each visit to make sure your prescriptions are up to date.  If you need a routine prescription refill, please contact your pharmacy and request a refill.   Your pharmacy will contact your health care provider’s office on your behalf – no need to contact the clinic directly.   Talk with your provider before your prescription runs out, and please allow 72 hours for refills.

Please note:  This is for routine prescription refills only, not life threatening circumstances.

  • Routine refills may be requested through your pharmacy.
  • Refills require 72 hour advanced notice.
  • An appointment may be needed prior to some refills.


Services, including specialty care services, are covered for sliding fee patients. Full Circle Health offers a sliding fee discount program to eligible persons based on the patient’s ability to pay.  Ability to pay is determined by the household size and annual income relative to a discount schedule based on federal poverty income guidelines.

Click HERE to apply for Sliding Fee