Senior Adult Care

Our network of clinics provides excellent care to older adults, with a particular focus on what is most important to each individual patient. This care is provided by a clinical team headed by two specialists in geriatric medicine and includes mental health specialists, medical assistants and pharmacists.

Our team not only addresses the medical concerns that arise as one ages but also the social and psychological issues that can occur with changes in function, memory, and independence. Full Circle Health is one of only two clinic systems in the state of Idaho to offer this type of geriatric specialty care. Issues that we are particularly well suited to address include:

  • Preventative services and screening tests
  • Comprehensive evaluation to prevent and reduce the risk of falls and fractures
  • Assessment and management of cognitive changes, including memory loss
  • Assessment and management of functional changes and mobility impairment
  • Review and simplification of medical treatment for those taking multiple medications and seeing multiple specialists
  • Addressing quality of life throughout the aging process
  • Planning for transitions in care needs (in-home support, independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care)
  • Supporting caregivers of older adults
  • Planning for and managing serious and terminal illness
  • Palliative care including end of life care

Our team is patient and considerate of your needs. We want to listen and discuss your health concerns to develop a healthcare plan that lets you get back to living that healthier lifestyle.