Jennifer Anthony, RD, LD

January 18, 2023

Jennifer was raised in Pocatello, Idaho and graduated with degrees from Idaho State University in Community Health, Mass Communication, and Nutrition and Dietetics. Her clinical interests are nutrition counseling and education for individuals and families, condition and disease management, and overall improvement in health utilizing nutrition and behavior change. She has practiced as a clinical dietitian in inpatient and acute care, as a dietary manager, and as an outpatient dietitian for 6 years. Prior to being a dietitian, she worked in health education and marketing for Pocatello Cardiology followed by health care marketing and public relations for two hospitals in Eastern Idaho and as a writer and photographer for the Idaho State Journal. Jennifer hopes to help patients and their families learn more about health and nutrition, how nutrition can help manage their condition(s), lower risk for illness, and increased longevity and quality of life.

She hopes to help patients and community members learn that nutritious cooking can be manageable, colorful, flavorful, and enjoyable. She is a supportive and compassionate person and enjoys meeting new patients and their families and working with different cultures and backgrounds. Jennifer is available to meet with patients in a variety of nutrition related areas including nutrition counseling and education for hypertension, insulin resistance, diabetes, sports nutrition, gastrointestinal health, heart-health, kidney disease, Gout, weight management and health at every size, malnutrition and weight gain, liver disease, and eating healthy on a budget. She enjoys skiing, music, dancing, photography, and golf.

School: Idaho State University