April 20, 2017

Leaders Discuss Value of Idaho’s Community Health Centers

Full Circle Health was honored to host Congressman Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) for a tour of the Emerald medical clinic on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Simpson is a strong supporter of health centers and recently signed on to a letter encouraging the House Energy & Commerce Committee to reauthorize funding for the Teaching Health Center Graduate Medical Education program. Reauthorization of funds for this program will help ensure that Teaching Health Centers (THC) receive sustainable funding and remain viable for the future, a goal that is at the heart of Full Circle Health’s mission.

Investing in Teaching Health Centers by providing necessary funding to preserve current programs will put the THC model on a path to long-term sustainability and growth. This includes ensuring a sufficient per-resident amount so that true costs of residency training are fully addressed.

“Idaho is fortunate to have a strong advocate for community health centers in Representative Simpson. As a retired dentist he understands the importance of primary health care that supports individuals to take responsibility for their health, and also curtails healthcare costs”, said Dr. Ted Epperly, President and CEO at Full Circle Health.

Congressman Simpson had the opportunity to visit with other Full Circle Health leaders including; Linda Clark, Full Circle Health Board Chair; Penny Beach, MD, Chief Clinical Officer; Jamie Strain, Emerald Clinic Manager; Signe Blackman, Director of Nursing; April Howell, Associate Director of Nursing; Sabrina Allen, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy; and Brenda Sinclair, Director of Communications.

As discussions of healthcare reform continue in Congress, Dr. Epperly asked Congressman Simpson to consider changes that could have deep impact on individuals, and save healthcare costs for taxpayers:

  • Prioritizing primary care through continued funding of community health centers
  • Focus on prevention and wellness and the social determinants of care to include items such as housing and transportation
  • Focus on patient and family education and continued development for appropriate end of life care

“As policy makers in D.C. determine the direction of healthcare reform, Full Circle Health will continue providing quality primary care to hard working Idahoans regardless of their insurance status,” said Epperly.

The visit with Congressman Simpson was arranged by Idaho Primary Care Association, the membership association for the state’s community health centers. More information about IPCA

Full Circle Health

In 2016 Full Circle Health / Full Circle Health:

  • Served 19,255 individual patients
  • Screened 685 newly arrived refugees
  • Provided care to patients at six clinics located from Kuna to Boise
  • Offered Primary Care services on a sliding fee scale to those who qualified
  • Kicked off the Free Pregnancy Testing program
  • Extended Full Circle Health Pharmacy hours

For over 50 years, community health centers have garnered strong bipartisan support and have been the bedrock of high quality, affordable and accessible primary healthcare for millions of Ame

Idaho’s sixteen community health centers:

  • Served 164,591 patients (2015)
  • Provide healthcare to nearly 1 in 10 Idahoans
  • Statewide reach of 72 clinic sites in 47 communities
  • Provide primary health services available on a sliding fee
  • Deliver primary medical, dental & behavioral health
  • Are leaders in patient centered medical home model